Six coins issued by Latvijas Banka in 2023 have advanced to the finals standing out among the top 10 coins across various categories in the prestigious international coin competition "Coin of the Year Awards" (COTY):

– gold collector coin "The Golden Horses" – category "Best Gold Coin";

– silver collector coin "Stardust" – category "Best Silver Coin";

– silver collector coin "Song Thrills" – category "Most Inspirational Coin";

– silver collector coin "Fan of Light Rays " – category "Most Innovative Coin";

– silver collector coin "Riga Fashion" – category "Most Artistic Coin";

– 2 euro commemorative coin "Sunflower for Ukraine" – category "Best Contemporary Event Coin".

Central banks and mints submit their coins issued in the previous year to the international coin competition "Coin of the Year Awards", which is taking place for the 42nd time . An international jury selects 10 best coins in each category from all the coins submitted. The winners in each category and the absolute winner will be announced in August this year.

Twice in its history, Latvijas Banka's coins have achieved absolute victory and received many prizes in various categories almost every year. In 2020, the collector coin "Honey coin" was recognised as the world's "Most Artistic Coin of the Year" and secured the absolute victory, earning the title "Coin of the Year". In 2010, the "Coin of Latvia" achieved the same success in this competition.

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