Recommendations for coin storage

Proper storage of coins is essential for maintaining their quality. It is very important to properly store coins to keep the metal from deteriorating, i.e. losing its numismatic value.


  • To protect a coin from mechanical damage and exposure to the outside environment, it should be stored in an appropriate coin capsule, protected from direct sunlight and moisture, and not subject to extreme changes in temperature.
  • If the metal alloy of the coin contains silver or copper (e.g. gold of .916 fineness), metal oxidation is considered to be a natural process.
  • Improper coin storage or opening of the capsule facilitates metal oxidation of the coin.


  • It is not recommended to take coins out of their capsules.
  • However, if it is necessary to take a coin out of the capsule, this should be done on a soft surface so that the coin is not mechanically damaged if accidentally dropped.
  • Chemical compounds of human skin in contact with the surface of coin stimulate chemical reactions. Therefore, when handling coins, it is recommended to use soft materials (e.g. soft cotton gloves) and hold the coin by its edge without touching the obverse and reverse. It is important to prevent saliva particles (e.g. when speaking or sneezing near the coin) from reaching the surface of the coin removed from the capsule.
  • Coin polishing or abrasive cleaning (e.g. with toothpaste or soda) and products containing acids, alkalis, chlorine compounds, iodine and alcohol are not recommended because they can lead to an irreversible damage.

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